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Make Door Installation Easy & Faster

Save Your Back & Protect the Door


The Dollies



The Door Dollie is easy to maneuver and to use.  

  • Metal or wood doors

  • 1000 lbs.doors

  •  3 1/2" thickness.

Ease to Use

 The Door Dollie makes all door installation and machining easier and efficient, allowing you to get more done every day.  

  • Transport doors safely

  • Install doors

  • Stabilize the door for machining 

  • Reduces physical strain and exertion 


Made in the USA

Each Door Dollie is hand made in Albuquerque, New Mexico . Every Door Dollie is made with the highest quality material and manufacturing practices. 

Unique Design

The Door Dollie has been designed over the course of 8 years, 25+ prototypes, and thousands+ hours in the field. We are confident that the Door Dollie is durable and will meet your needs. 

  • 3/16" steel tubing- give it strength

  • Rubber casters- makes it easier to go through any terrain and rated to hold 1000 lbs.

  • Square thread clamp with ball bearings-  ensure longevity of the clamp

  • 19.5" Wheel base- for stabilization and maneuvering  

  • Bracing of high tension points- cross brackets to give strength  

  • Capacity- can handle up to 1000 lbs. and 3 1/2" thick door

  • High quality rubber hand grips- more control of the dollie

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About Us

Parent company, Security Hardware Solutions (commercial door company) has spent countless hours in research and design to create a durable Door Dollie for door installation and manufacturing. We are confident that you find the Door Dollie a essential tool for anyone who handles a door. 

Designed by a door company for door companies. 


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Why Choose Us

Idea 2

Innovative Design

Designed by technicians that work for our parent company that has been in business for over 20 years.  Huge marked improvement in efficiency that has been tested in the field

Premium Quality

30-Day Return Policy

30 day no questions asked return policy.  We are so confident in the high utility of our product that we offer your full money back no ifs, ands, or buts. 

Hands Red

Hand Crafted

Each unit is hand fabricated and quality tested by our technicians in the field.  We stand by each units ability to optimally function for your required door handling needs. 

How Much Do the Dollies Cost?

The Door Dollie cost $2,000. Yes, this may seem expensive, but the Dollie is well worth the man hours that you will save and protecting your back. The Door Dollie is desirable tool because it's made with high quality materials, made to last a lifetime and uniquely designed. 

My installers don't know how to use the Dollie.

We recognize that installers may not know how to use the Door Dollie immediately. That's why we have provide instructional  videos in the video tab. 

What Do I do now?

Simply go to the shop tab and enter in the quantity and your information. We will have your Door Dollie shipped out the following business day. 

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Contact Us

Phone Number:

(505) 503-7492


2923 Girard Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107

Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri: 7:00 am - 4:30 pm

Sat - Sun: Closed

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